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Happiness is a choice

Do we choose to be happy when circumstances arise that we associate with being happy or is it solely the circumstances? Did we learn to be happy in those circumstances?
i.e. was it the proper response in those circumstances to be happy and in other circumstances to be unhappy?

Think about it, as infants we responded without thinking or choosing. We may have been uncomfortable when wet or cold or hungry. But mostly we learned to respond in happy or unhappy ways to what we saw our parents do.

Even now after the first moment of any outside circumstance or happening don't we choose to be either happy or unhappy about it? Or like or dislike it or to want more or less of it?

Do you want to be happy?

Some of the time or all of the time?

What if we choose to be happy (on the inside) no matter what happens on the outside?

Sure most of us say we want to be happy but do we really mean it? Or do we mean we want the circumstances to be what we want and then when that happens we will be happy?

But in the mean time or when circumstances are not what we want we choose to be miserable. As crazy as that may sound mostly we choose to be happy and we choose to be miserable.

So what can you do if you truly want to be happy? First realize that happiness is really a choice. Start with small things. Like a restaurant has only the pink packets of sweetener and not the blue ones that you really want. When that comes up can you make the choice to be happy regardless of the outside circumstance. How about when the car in front of you is going slower than you want and you get stuck at the red light just after he goes through?

Can you just make the choice and stick with being happy regardless of the outside circumstance? Work your way up to bigger issues as you truly start to realize that happiness is truly a choice.

Returning to happiness

Step 1 - Hold the intention in mind of planning to choose happiness.
Step 2 - Whenever you become aware of not being happy just stop and consciously notice it.
Step 3 - Allow the unhappiness to be just be as it is for a moment and reaffirm your intention to choose happiness.
Step 4 - Scan your body and find where you are unconsciously using effort to hold your body up or where you are using effort to hold a particular facial expression.
Step 5 - Drop or release or relax that effort-just let it go.
Step 6 - Feel this release like opening a clenched fist or taking off a heavy jacket when you come out of the cold into a warm room or a wet shirt when you get caught in the rain.
Step 7 - Let out a small sigh and feel the opening around your heart and the softening around your eyes. Step 8 - Recall your intention to choose happiness.
Step 9 -Now -- make your choice :).

Invitation to my Happiness Workshop
workshop stiritul group      

Right now are you truly happy? 

If not what is blocking your happiness?


If you want water to flow you can just reach for the tap and turn it on. But where is the switch to turn on happiness?  Does it truly exist?


Building on my experiences of yoga, mystical thought and Buddhist psychology I have found a switch that works for me.  I would be delighted to share this with you and also welcome your feedback on how it can become even more exciting for you too.

workshop meditation 

I invite you to come and share my journey.
Best regards,  
                            Mike Selzer DDS


GLIMPSES OF JOY - a deep happiness exercise


Mike Selzer DDS



What would your life and work be like if you could increase your joy on a daily basis? 

Happy staff
Discover how to use the practice of joy to dramatically improve the quality of your life and work. This fun filled workshop provides a hands on experience of the glimpses of joy that exist in each moment. Through the use of photographs, a short video, guided visualizations, drawing and discussion you will explore your unique inner source of happiness and discover ways to integrate joy into your life and work.

In this 90 minute workshop you will:

  • learn to use personal memories to go from frustration to joy in any moment
  • shift from tension to relaxation using a simple breathing technique
  • discover new ways to listen that build better rapport
  • apply a new paradigm that changes "work" into an enjoyable activity
  • address limiting patterns that keep you from success and joy 

Please contact me for additional information



 Please contact me for more information and to set up a workshop.




Michael Selzer DDS
I am the director of BeJoyNow and have been a prosthodontist in Boca Raton foMichaelr 35 years. During that time bringing peacefulness into my own life and the life of others  has   become my journey. BeJoyNow Coaching and Workshops is dedicated to helping others uncover their own experience of happiness. I am the author of Inner Thoughtscapes - Glimpses of Joy and have a monthly e-mail newsletter Secrets For A Happier Life. I have practiced yoga and meditation for 35 years.

BeJoyNow  coaching, workshops and products provides practical tools that enable you to use joy as a vehicle for greater personal and professional success. It is based on the principles:

  • joy exists independent of external circumstances
  • we can access joy at will and use it to enhance our life 

More information about BeJoyNow:        

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