Throughts from readers of Inner Thoughtscapes Book

Clifford Day - " I was flowing back to a time when everything was just right.  It was like a chord I play on the piano, just perfect; like a glimpse of joy."

Michele Mali - " Very relaxing.  A feeling that I did not have for a long time, like when I ws a kid.  I was so calm back then.  Not like now.  It brings back nice memories.  Its nice to feel it again for a while right now."

Yogi Hari - "I loved the image/words of the flowers.  Flowers give off their fragrance even when no one is there to appreciate it.  Life should be like that too." 

Shelly Kutluay - "Deep earthy feeling like merging with who you are.  Light airy no pressure open heart."   Mary Agnes Beech - " Being transported to a calmer place within myself."

Marilyn Rudnick - "The images and words of the snow scene brought me back to making snow angels and being weightless.  It instantly transported me out of the dentist's office."

Susan Diamond (left) -" when I read 'Cloud Runner' I found myself up in the clouds where I found relief rom the stress of everyday life. Its my choice to be up in the cluds and free or down in the stress.  The glimpse of joy was wonderful."     Sample page from book

Mary Agnes Beech - "Being transported to a more calm place inside myself."

Deborah Barack - "I read the Water Waves, it reminded me of my walk this morning on the beach.  I came into the office very anxious and whenI read the story and looked at the photo I became calm.  It also told me a lot about what kind of person the author really was.

Bill Ward - "Loved the waterfall in 'Fallin Free' photograph especially the stillness when the vibrating bed stopped.  He said that "being calm in a dental office was a unique experience for him."

Shelly Kutluay - "Deep earthy feeling like merging with who you are.  Light airy no pressure open heart."

Katherine Dell Isola - "It brought me right back to a memory of a blizzard on my birthday.  My dad had promised it and when we walked through the deep snow to Feline's Basement in Boston I felt really big and important.

Nancy Agosta - " The beautiful image of the ripples in the water flowed into each ripple becoming a blessing that I have received in life.  Each a joyful moment.  I like the expanding rippls whereI can let my joy flow out to others.  
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